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This blog’s top commentator in Oslo

Published: Sunday 2008-06-01.

No-one, who have read among the comments to my blog, could have not seen his name. Anders Carlsson, who I know from the Student Computer Association at Mälardalens University has to be the one who has left most comments here. Now I have finally managed to lure him to Oslo—even if I had to bait him with a Commodore PET I no longer had space for, and it only was a quick visit over a day, but that doesn’t matter much as long as it worked.

[Anders  outside Stortinget on a warm summer day in Oslo]
Anders outside Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament (see more pictures).

After a couple of extra cycles in the roundabouts, so to speak, Anders showed up at noon after having started from Västerås already at six in the morning. Since the weather was so nice, sun and around thirty degrees, somewhat better than the four degrees and rainfall we had on Norway’s national day when my brother was here with his family, we started the day with lunch in the backyard, and then went biking on the city bikes, where we showed some of Oslo’s sights a warm summer day—Karl Johan, Stortinget, Aker brygge and the new opera house.

And then the best of all—that Anders managed to fullfil my order of a lot of Jolt. The summer is saved! ☺

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  • Datum: 2008-06-02 00.41.46 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från: ***************

Tack för en trevlig dag! Nästa gång ska jag åka E18 hela vägen, jag tror nästan den är enklare att hitta än att åka av på E6. Dessutom passerar man bara totalt två vägtullar om man åker E18, mot upp till fyra tullar om man åker på båda Europavägarna.

Det var gigantiska köer in till Oslo när jag åkte vid c:a 17.45. Antagligen lokalbefolkningen som firat helgen på annan ort.

Apropå Jolt, kanske jag borde ha förtullat det? ;-) Eller i alla fall mina små burkar energidryck som innehöll upp till 32 mg koffein per 100 ml.

  • Datum: 2008-06-03 16.44.19 CEST
  • Namn: Miriam
  • Sänt från: **********

Han är ju nästan en kändis denna dära Anders. :-)

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