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Biking premiere in Nordmarka

Published: Sunday 2008-05-04.

We are heading towards summer in Oslo, after some rainy and cold days it has turned real sunny and warm. It is on days like that it is nice to be close to nature, in winter you can go skiing in the forests around Oslo, and when the snow has melted off you can go biking there. Since I didn’t get around to do that much skiing this season (even if two times is twice as many times as last year’s one) it felt like it was a good time to start the bicycling season as quickly as possible (I do bike to work every day, but not that many longer trips).

I started today’s trip by biking up to Kjelsås, which is more or less the same trip I took, at least a few times, while Tandberg Data still had their offices up there – they are now located at Hasle, which is much closer, to where they moved after I had been employed for a few months. After having arrived up there I met up with Thea and a couple of her friends, and then we took off onto the bicycle path in the woods.

[Biking around Maridalsvannet]
Me and the wood anemones.

We biked around Lake Maridalsvannet, from Kjelsås and back to Kjelsås, where it was very nice, first on gravel paths in the woods, then out on a small asphalted road, and finally out onto the long road Maridalsveien, which starts downtown in Oslo and continues far beyond the northern city limit. We stopped and had the lunches we brought at the ruins after a Middle Age church, before continuing down along the river Akerselva, all the way down to Grønland in downtown Oslo, were Akerselva continues underground the last bit out before entering the fjord.

The trip meter on my bike stopped at around 33 kilometres, not that bad for this year’s first trip to the forests. That we continued by having our premiere backyard barbecue wasn’t wrong either, I really think we are going to miss the backyard when we move from here, which is why we are planning to make the most out of it this summer.

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