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The death of the VHS tape

Published: Monday 2008-04-28.

This week there is a spring cleaning in the back yard, and in conjunction with that, there is a container available to throw away garbage. Since we are moving this autumn we took the opportunity this weekend to try and find things in the cellar and attic storage that we might not need to keep.

When we moved in to where we live now I parked my old video cassette recorder in a box in the attic. Although I did bring it down again when my hard disk recorder crashed a few months ago (and am going to pack it away again now that I have received a new one as a replacement), the two big boxes with video cassettes remained unopened in the attic.

After a quick going-through of perhaps around a hundred video tapes I found five or six that I can bring myself to keep. My entire collection of Babylon 5 goes into the garbage since I have bought the DVDs, and the direction go my Red Dwarf tapes, taped off TV, since I have those on DVD as well. And my big collection of American wrestling, mostly taped off British, German and Swedish TV also finds its way into the garbage, together with a few tapes with similar contents that I have actually bought.

The few tapes that remain probably will only survive long enough for me to copy them over to DVD. Although I am not very sure how long it will take for the DVD format to die out, considering that Bluray is coming and movies on hard disk or streamed over the Internet is also coming, it feels a bit more future-proof to have it in a digital format, hopefully it will be possible to play MPEG 2 files for quite some time into the future, even if they perhaps are not stored on DVD discs.

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  • Datum: 2008-04-28 17.55.58 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
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Hade det varit några lådor med 5,25" disketter däremot... Skillnaden är väl att diskettstationer är tillbehör till en viss generations datorteknik medan videobandspelare för det mesta "bara" var konsumentelektronik. Lika fullt är jag övertygad om att det sitter en VHS-samlare någonstans och blinkar lite tårögt för varje gammal bandspelare och för varje kartong kassetter som går i soporna. Om 15 år kommer nostalgin och folk börjar ångra att de slängde prylarna, precis som redan nu det börjar bli retro med skivspelare och gamla LP-skivor.

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