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Published: Tuesday 2008-03-18.

With ads everywhere, it is nice seeing that there are forces that work against advertising, and that it is possible to overcome. That filmmakers Claes Eriksson and Vilgot Sjöman have won a case in the Swedish Supreme Court saying that TV 4”s breaking their movies for advertising was against their rights as authors is a step in the right direction. Of course the ads–and the commercial TV channels–must still be allowed to exist, but there has to be alternatives.

One step in the wrong direction, however, is ad-free SVT’s comments that when they publish their channels on the Internet, everyone with a computer will have to pay the TV license. To me, that sounds like a backwards reasoning, even if I personally find the TV license to be worth the money (although I do not pay anything to SVT, despite having their channels available in the cable network, but to Norwegian NRK).

Since the late 1990s I have filtered ads when surfing the web, currently I am using Privoxy, since it is available for all the platforms I use, and I easily can share the configuration between the various installations. I am, however, happy to pay for reading content that I am interested in, for instance I paid Slashdot to get rid of the ads there, even if I could have filtered them out myself just as easily. I have, however, not found that I want to pay for Aftonbladet Plus, and I suspect that there are just as many ads no matter if I pay or not.

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