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Published: Thursday 2008-03-13.

Ever since I saw the first review of Cloverfield I have been planning to watch it at the cinema, but I did not get off my butt until yesterday night. It seems to have been just in time, today I saw that the cinema ads said that today is the last showing. Considering that, it might be a bit late to recommend the movie, but I guess it will be out on DVD soon enough.

Imagine a monster movie, like Godzilla, where a big monster is intent on crushing a peaceful city, like New York, and where everyone is trying to flee out of the city while the military comes in trying to kill the monster. But instead of making a movie about the military’s heroism and battle with the monster, imagine that you have a guy with a camcorder who started filming a going away party for his best friend, but since the party took place in the same peaceful city as the monster found a good idea to attack, it instead turns into a documentary of how they try to survive and get out of the city.

Then imagine the classic boy-meets-girl story, where the boy has said some unfortunate words to the girl, who then has returned home to pout, and cannot get out when said monster attacks, whereupon our “hero” decides to turn back and save his girl. Still with his camcording best friend coming along, and with the camcorder fully loaded with both video tape and battery. There you have Cloverfield in short.

The movie has a certain feeling of “authenticity”; even if the story is unbelievable enough in itself, you want to believe it since it looks like it is a completely unedited tape from the guy who is running around with his camcorder (that he manages to cut in just the right places most of the times, and every once in a while manages to get a really good picture where he shouldn’t have been able to, is a different story). Every now and then it can be a bit predictable, but it managed to make me jump a bit at least a few times when something unpredictable happened.

Definitely an exciting angle on the monster film genre, definitely worth watching if you like that kind of movies, so hurry up and watch it before it disappears from your nearest cinema.

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