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Troubles of the industrialised world

Published: Friday 2008-02-29.

The problem with giving away your e-mail address in various places is that it is very easy to end up on distribution lists that you do not want to be on. Like, for instance, FlyNordic, from which I bought a ticket a while back since they had a better price than what Norwegian could offer, for exactly the same flight. Since you had to enter an e-mail address to be able to register I did that, and received the ticket confirmation by e-mail.

But after that they started sending out advertisements and offers to the same address, without my having asked for it, and there was no way whatsoever to decline the send-outs on their web site, either. In addition to that I am not very interested in their special offers for trips from Stockholm, so I sent a letter to, but got no reply. After the next send-out, I tried again, and added, but that address bounced. With the next send-out I started to get a bit annoyed, so I added, and did a bit of digging around on their web site, finding a reference to the web site being delivered by Ezy travel, so I added postmaster and abuse from there as well. Ezy also had a reference to Webverkstaden, so they also ended up on the list.

Now things happened. Thanks to a helpful Christian Andersson I am not only off FlyNordic’s distribution list, but also from IDG’s list that I have tried in vein to get off for a while now.

e Today I received an automated message from Hifi-klubben, apparently I made the mistake of giving them my e-mail address when I handed in my hard-disk recorder for repairs. Now to try to figure out how to unregister from that…

This entry is referenced in: Lösningen på FlyNordic-skräpposten.

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