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With a new outlook on life

Published: Friday 2008-02-15.

I have had the same pair of glasses a couple of years now, and partly because of that and partly because Thea has grown tired of not seeing my eyes on photos taken of me outside (I have had glasses that become darker in sunlight) I have now got myself new glasses. With a little help from Thea, who pushed the issue by setting up my eye test.

Since Specsavers have arrived in Oslo and offers cheap glasses, I thought I should try them out. Now I am of course nowhere even close to the offer of two pair of glasses for 795 kroner, my eye-sight is much too bad for that, so instead I got two pairs of for just below seven thousand kroner instead, which is not too bad actually, considering what I usually pay. One pair of regular glasses that change colour, and one pair of better glasses that do not.

Now I have to get used to the new glasses, I got them on Wednesday, but today I still only see the edges, and have not quite got used to their refracting the light differently. But I will adapt, as always.

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  • Datum: 2008-02-15 16.31.59 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******

Tjosan! Vad har du för skojigt synfel? För egen del har jag inte varit till optikern sedan c:a 1991 att döma av skolfoton från den tiden. Ja, i alla fall har jag inte bytt styrka på glasen. Efter sjutton års slitage börjar plastglasen bli en gnutta repiga, men bågarna håller förvånansvärt bra. Möjligen skulle jag kunna justera styrkan en aning, men tursamt nog ser jag ännu tillräckligt skarpt för att det inte ska utgöra ett problem.

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