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Published: Tuesday 2008-02-05.

We are moving this autumn. Yeah, I know that it wasn’t very long ago that we moved in to our current flat, but nevertheless we have bought a flat in a new building that is being erected just across the street and that will be ready in August. We signed that over a year ago, and at that time the housing market looked bright here in Oslo, the prices were skyrocketing and selling flats was easy. That is not the case any longer, however.

The housing market has cooled off noticeably, the prices have fallen some percents and suddenly the deal wasn’t as bullet-proof anymore, would we really get our old flat sold? But now that problem has sorted itself out, since our neighbours, who has a flat that is one size smaller than ours, and in addition have two kids, needed something bigger. They had already expressed there interest, and yesterday they came in for a bit and looked at the flat for possible remodelling, and we agreed to sell it to them.

This is good, now we no longer have to worry about that. And if anyone is looking for a two-room flat at around fifty-five square metres at Vålerenga, with access to an award-winning back yard and within walking distance from the city centre, just get in touch with me, and I can forward it for you, our neighbours now have to sell their flat for this game of musical chairs to work out…

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skönt att det löser sig, då kan ni börja planera för flytt!

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