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Published: Tuesday 2008-01-15.

Tandberg Data yesterday presented the new model that I have been working on for a while since I joined there in September of last year, the StorageLibrary T40+.

Compared to the current model T40, the T40+, as marketing seem to have dubbed it, now sports redundant power and a stackability so that you can extend your 40-slot library into almost the double by putting a second unit on top of the first. Since this was in development already when I joined, and I am still learning my way through the sources, I have only been part of some of the smaller changes in the firmware for this model.

I have been working on support for detecting power failure for the new redundant power system, making sure it gets reported to where it should, and I have designed a new section of the set-up wizard to configure the pass-through, as we call the stackability feature, mode. Other than that I have mainly been trying to get accustomed to the code, which is not an easy task given that it can trace its ancestry back 15 years to 1993 with the firmware for Tandberg Data’s SLR drives, with the suitable adjustments and changes to make it into a library firmware.

Getting accustomed to a new code-base is always challenging, I still remember when I started working at Opera, fresh out of the university, eight years ago, and felt completely lost. And that was back when the size of that code-base was still manageable.

Nevertheless, I am proud to have been part of this release.

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  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
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150 TB kapacitet, det var inte illa! Däremot är det pinsamt att det i pressmeddelandet står "The StorageLibrary T40+ will be available in February 2007". Jag anser det är viktigt att korrekturläsa att åtminstone årtalen blir riktiga.

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