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Reflections from a Swede in Norway.

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The day before the day

Published: Sunday 2007-12-23.

T’is the day before Christmas, and the Christmas spirit is slowly creeping over us. The worst of the illness that both Thea and I have managed to catch is fading out, and today we have decorated the Christmas tree. All the details for how we will go about celebrating a Swedish-Norwegian-Danish-Finnish Christmas has not been ironed out yet, but I am certain we will get along. The most important part is that everyone will be here and that we get a nice Christmas.

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Är det stora kulturella skillnader i hur julen firas i de olika nordiska och skandinaviska länderna? Det hade i så fall kunnat varit värre om ni skulle fira en svensk-nicaraguansk-djiboutisk-filippinsk jul. ;-D

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