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Published: Wednesday 2007-12-19.

And so I have updated my MacBook to OX 10.5, or Leopard, as they call it, I took the opportunity to buy me a copy while I was in the US since I saved a couple of hundred kroner and it after all is a universal version with support for all the languages. So far I don’t know if I can see that a big a difference.

Among the things that I spotted first are some minor adjustments to the look of the desktop, among other things the background image now shows through the menu bar at the top of the screen, and the docking bay looks a bit different (since I have it on the left side of the screen I avoid the 3D view that all the reviewers seem to dislike). Plus that the Mac now finally have received support for virtual desktops, under the name of Spaces. Unfortunately it does not seem to work that well with X11 windows, which is a pity since most the work I do is in an xterm. On the other hand, the Terminal has improved, so it might work out anyway (the vt100 emulation no longer hangs when I run Joe — hooray!).

[Screen shot from Leopard]
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (click the image to view in full size).

When I dig around a bit more I find more changes, among other things the Finder file browser has become a bit more clear, and I can now mount Samba shares from my Linux machines, something I never got to work in 10.4. The Front Row video player has also become much snappier, previously browsing through the files there was real slow. Unfortunately it seems like they have done some changes that made my anti-virus software, ClamXav, not working quite the way it was supposed to, but that will hopefully be resolved soon.

No big revolutionising changes so far, but then I haven’t tested the new backup application Time Machine yet, it is said to be one of the most important improvements in this version, together with the updated version of Safari, but I am not using that anyway since I run Opera everywhere.

So, was the update worth the money? Well, everything works just like it should, no (major) problems so far, but it doesn’t feel like anything but a minor system update, no real revolution.

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