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Moving on

Published: Tuesday 2007-11-06.

I hate taking the bus… That is, misunderstand me correctly, I like public transport. I just don’t like having to sit on a bus for up to an hour to get to work, and then just as long to get back again. I knew I would have to do some travelling when I switched jobs, but why miss out on the chance to complain about it a bit?

Luckily, I will not have to put up with it for too much longer, Tandberg Data is about to move, from the old offices of Tandberg’s radio factory at Kjelsås in northern Oslo, to nice new offices in Hasle, which shortens the route from 10 km to two and a half. Then I don’t have to take the bus any longer, which will be nice. I really should be biking instead, even despite it being six miles uphill, it is still faster than taking the bus, but it is a bit cold in the mornings right now…

We move Monday, so this week is the big packing week. As a new employee I haven’t got that much things to pack, the things that are “mine” fit in two or three boxes. But I have “inherited” an old office, full with old books and hardware, which takes a lot of time to go through. And with a company that has been staying in the same offices for about twenty years, and that was founded out of the remains of the old radio factory that came there in 1951, there are a lot of things to go through and determine whether they should be packed or thrown away.

Now, however, it will be interesting to see whether I have a job after the move, according to the quarterly report the company isn’t doing all that well, and cuts are expected. I guess there is a risk that my job is a bit loose since I am new…

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