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Back in a new job

Published: Monday 2007-09-24.

And thus we are back in Oslo again, we landed on Friday night after spending two weeks in Italy. First a week in Tuscany, where one of Thea’s childhood friends got married at a wine castle outside of Florence, then a couple of days on Elba, where I, among other things, swam in the Mediterranean and proposed to Thea. Finally we had a few days in Rome, where we had time for two full days of touristing, but we still managed to see the Colosseum, S:t Peter’s basilica, the Vatican museums, the Spanish steps, the Trevi fountains, the Pantheon and the chaotic traffic.

Pictures will be available later.

Today I started at my new job. Yes, it will probably take a while before I become productive, like always when starting in a new position there is a lot to take in. Exciting!

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Det kommer säkert att gå bra så länge du har vettiga chefer och trevliga arbetskamrater.

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Gratulerer med ny jobb. :) Synd for Opera at de ikke har fornuft nok til å prøve å holde på sine erfarne ansatte.

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