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Published: Monday 2007-09-03.

I wonder how many Norwegians lost Swedish TV today when Värmland switched to all-digital, and how many of those who did who feel they lost something. I watch less and less TV, on Swedish TV I nowadays mostly just watch news (and sportscasts if there are Swedes involved), it now feels like NRK has taken the lead in airing the good TV series, tonight, for instance, Heroes start on their new channel NRK 3. Several friends have recommended it to me, and it is nice not to have to dig around on BitTorrent web sites to find it. (On Swedish TV, Heroes starts on TV 4 this Wednesday).

September 2007 seems to be a big month for digital TV in the Nordic countries, here in Norway the digital terrestrial network just opened, and in Finland all of the analogue network was closed down on Saturday. Myself, I have a digital set-top-box for cable TV since a few years. Since none of the cable networks, as far as I know, transmit using PALplus, which my German TV set is capable of showing, I do need a set-top-box to get a real widescreen picture. I hope that the next TV I buy have a built-in digital receiver, the question is if there is one that can handle both the cable and terrestrial variant, and both the standard used in Sweden and the one in Norway.

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Det bevisar att jag har rätt när jag kallar dig "norsken". Detär bara som det ska vara när man bott så länge i ett land.

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Har de inte utrymme att sänka signalstyrkorna när sändningarna blir digitala? Jag tänker på hur långt in i Norge man ö.h.t. kommer att kunna se marksänd svensk TV, och tvärtom på sikt. Ja, Norge ska ju köra med MPEG-4 medan Sverige bara har MPEG-2 så där måste svenskarna ha en extra - norsk - digitalbox om de ska få in NRK.

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