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Ullersäter, and the area around it

Published: Wednesday 2007-08-15.

I have a couple of holiday weeks late on this year, and since Thea is working I took the chance to go home and visit my parents for a couple of days. I went there on Saturday and returned home today. Besides meeting relatives, taking it easy, watching television, reading, surfing the web lazily and playing Carcassonne against my mother (I won three matches to one this time) I have also brought my camera around, discovering the general area:

[Lake Lillsjön during a summer rain]
A picture from Lake Lillsjön close by the Ullersäter bay in lake Väringen.

There are many small roads going through the forests in the area, where you can find a lot of interesting things. Personally, I have always been fascinated by road signs, especially old road signs, and since I know where to find some of them I have been out hunting road signs.

[A reconstructed 1960s petrol station]
The Nostalgic Village in Hosta.

New this year is the Nostalgic Village in Hosta, which has become a real tourist magnet, with more than three thousand visitors during its first year, and that without much more advertising than some signs out by road 249. That the local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda ran a big story with five pages worth of colour photographs did of course help a bit, according to the proprietor himself there was so much traffic on the small gravel road that goes by the place that they had to lead the traffic out the other way towards Blixterboda instead of the way that came from. We took our bikes and went by at lunch time yesterday, on a regular Tuesday off the main holiday season, but we were far from the only visitors.

I finished my stay this time by visiting a childhood friend that has moved back into the area, and taken his late grandmother’s house back in use. Not only does he work full time, he also is working on repairing and fixing up the place and has a one-year-old daughter (and a kitten) to take care of. Everything at once.

When I am writing this I am almost back in Oslo again (and when you read this I will be, since I am unable to publish this in my blog from on the train). Outside it is raining, which isn’t that unusual for this summer. I consider myself lucky for having been able to time a few nice days in Sweden, even if there was the occasional rain. Next week I am going to have week of Oslo holidays at home. I have some plans for things I want to get done, I guess time will tell how much of that will actually get done…

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