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Flickr, Harry Potter, Die Hard, Nynäshamn and Gotland

Published: Tuesday 2007-07-24.

Now in summer I don’t write very much here in the blog, even if I only have had one week of vacation and is back at work again. But I will try to summarise a bit of what has happened lately.

I have started playing with Flickr, and found out how fun it is to upload both old and new images I have taken, and then look at pictures from others that they have tagged with the same tags as I have used, or placed at the same geographical location as I did, for instance. So fun that I have bought myself a professional account for two years (seemed like a good time to do it now that the dollar exchange rate is record low) and replaced the excerpt from my work blog on the front page with my latest pictures from Flickr.

I went with Thea to watch the latest Harry potter film (Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix) at the cinema last week, two days after the premiere. As I wrote around the time for the last one I have not read any single one of the books, and instead experience the story on film. And the story works well on film, despite this being the fifth episode, if you like Harry Potter you will not be disappointed by this one. I do notice, however, that the story is about to “grow up”, just like the last film it is not for the youngest part of the audience.

It will be interesting to see if the next film has the same actors, especially since the main character has grown up to be 18 years old in real life, while the characters only is around fourteen in the story.

A film series where another sequel was too much was with Die Hard 4.0 that we watched on Thursday night. The film was so full of extreme exaggerations that I fell asleep at about one and a half hour into it, despite intensive attempts to keep myself awake. It might of course also be because we watched it at nine p.m. and we had been up since six a.m. to take an early morning ferry to Gotland, but I think it mostly is because the film wasn’t very good.

Gotland, yes, we spent our vacation week travelling, first to Nynäshamn to visit my brother, his fiancé and my one month old niece, with siblings. It ended in something of a family gathering since both my parents and my oldest brother and his family also had found their way to Nynäshamn the same week.

Against all odds this summer we had wonderful weather almost the whole week, it was just on Tuesday that it rained a bit. It was warm enough for both me and Thea to make our swimming premiere for the season (yes, we never got around to do it during the first heatwave).

On Thursday we took the ferry over to Visby, as I mentioned earlier. Even though my brother has lived in Nynäshamn for quite a while now, and I have been visiting several times, I have never got around to visit Gotland. I did visit there once with my parents, but that was around twenty years ago…

Apparently we managed to time our visit with the worst party weekend, with Stureplan on tour Visby was full of drunken teenagers (I suspect that that age limit of twenty years that was mentioned at the entrance to Kallbadhuset was the upper limit, not the lower). That didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves, though, and on Friday we hired bicycles and biked the thirteen kilometres from Visby to the Lummelunda cave. We never got around to seeing any rauks, but on the other hand that only means that we have reasons to come back.

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