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The Queen and Spider-Man 3

Published: Monday 2007-05-21.

The last two films I have watched at the cinema are The Queen and Spider-Man 3. I watched one together with my beloved girlfriend, and the other I watched by myself. Figuring out which one is which I leave as an exercise to the reader.

The Queen is about England’s queen Elizabeth, and it paints a portrait that perhaps isn’t a compliment, but it does show a human side. The film is about the time around princess Diana’s death, and how the royal family and the British people reacted to it. Whether the film corresponds to the truth is impossible to say, but it is at least believable and well done. Recommended, the film is out on DVD now.

Spider-Man 3 is the third feature film about Spider-Man, and that shows. The third part is seldom as good as the second, which seldom is as good as the first, and it feels a bit like the film is stalling a bit, despite having managed to get both Sandman and Venom as bad guys this time. The problem is that there are too many coincidences, not only does a meteorite strike close to where Peter Parker is (without his noticing it), there are so many other things that just happen to happen to the “right” (or wrong, depending on your point of view) people. It does have some good action scenes, but unless you are a Spider-Man fan and already have seen the first two parts, you can easily give this one a pass.

Now I am looking forward to the new Transformers movie. Yes, the plot will probably not be the best the world has seen (I mean, what can you get out of a comic about giant robots?), but Transformers was one of my favourites as a kid (and the joy of getting a VHS tape with four hours worth of The Children’s Channel that managed to catch one episode of Transformers was enormous), and thus I just have to see this film when it arrives at the cinema…

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Haven't seen The Queen yet, maybe I should get the DVD and watch it, I know my girlfriend has been wanting to see it.

I actually enjoyed Spider-Man 3, but I'm sure that's because: 1. I didn't expect much from the story 2. Action sequences were good 3. I was able to close my eyes when the exeptionally poor scenes were shown, like the one where spidey "coincidentally" took a short rest in front of the American flag...

  • Date: 2007-05-22 08.37.31 CEST
  • Name: Peter Karlsson
  • Posted from: *******

I couldn't keep myself from laughing at that scene. :-) Anyway, I did enjoy the movie (shouldn't have written that), although I have enjoyed others more.

  • Datum: 2007-05-23 18.20.20 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ********************

Snart kanske det börjar att växa spindelväv på Spindelmannen? *g*

  • Datum: 2007-05-27 08.53.02 CEST
  • Namn: Storebror
  • Sänt från: ***************

Jag vill bara påpeka att jag och min kära sambo såg Ghost Rider tillsammans.

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