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Movies in Copenhagen and Örebro

Published: Sunday 2007-02-04.

I have been out travelling a bit lately, first a weekend trip to Copenhagen, and then a training course that my trade union held at a small hotel in Vikersund, far enough away from nearest civilisation (okay, might be a small overstatement perhaps), and now a weekend at my parents’ place before I visit the Linköping office the first few days of next week. For some reason I get some periods that are very travel-intensive, for then it to be more quiet for a while. Sometimes it can be a bit draining, but it also is nice to see something different for a while.

Every now and then when I am out travelling I take the opportunity to go and see a movie. So also this time. In Copenhagen the cinematic experience consisted both of the movie itself and the cinema that showed it, because we ended up in Park bio in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Park bio is one of the oldest cinemas in Denmark and with just one auditorium and a marble-decorated entrance it is worth seeing even when no watching a movie, but as noted we did do that.

The movie we saw was The Prestige, which tells the story about two magicians in London that start out as good friends as assistants to one of London’s greatest magicians, but that split as enemies after a fatal accident. There a competition starts between the two where they try to outdo each other by all means possible, something that turns into a manic obsession when one of them cannot figure out what secret the other one is hiding.

The Prestige is a very good movie, which has managed to see its concept through very well, you get small hints all the time about what it is that is happening, but everything is kept from you until the grand finale, much as in a real magician’s show. It has many turns and nothing is what it seems to be early in the film, even if much of what you get served later in the movie shows how what was shown in the beginning actually was quite evident. I can really recommend this movie.

In Örebro the auditorium of SF’s cinema is perhaps not as impressive as those of Copenhagen’s Park bio, and then it is perhaps fitting that a friend and I went to see a relatively simple US comedy, namely Night at the museum with Ben Stiller.

In Night at the Museum Larry, who is not doing very well in life, gets hired as a night guard at the museum of natural history, a museum where strange things happen at night. I expected a simple US comedy with several opportunities for laughter, and that is exactly what I got. The movie has well done special effects and looks just about enough realistic. For those of you who like this kind of a film, Night at the museum is perfect Saturday night entertainment.

It is strange, this about travelling, especially now that I have been away from my beloved girlfriend for a couple of days. I have become so used to us being together that it feels very strange when we are apart, it is so empty. But in some ways it is quite nice to get to feel like that, it is nice to have someone to long for at home as well, I haven’t had that before.

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