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Casino Royale

Published: Thursday 2006-12-07.

Tuesday night I went with my girlfriend to see the new Bond movie, Casino Royale. A Bond movie is always a Bond movie, you just have to see them, and preferably at the cinema. I have heard both positive and negative reviews about the film, but I was positively surprised.

The new film is based on the first book about James Bond, where Bond has just been promoted to his “double oh” status and thus has received his license to kill. He is new in the situation and it is not quite the same Bond that we are used to see in the other films, we get to see what it is that makes him into the cold seducer we have seen. Despite it being a “prequel” it takes place in the present time, with advanced technology and the female M we have seen in the latest films. How all of this is supposed to connect I don’t quite get, but it doesn’t matter. I do, however, wonder if they have chosen this particular story just because they play poker in it, considering how popular poker seems to be nowadays.

For being a Bond movie, I think it was a quite rough film, it felt like there was more violence than usual (but just one car chase!). But it works. The new Bond actor, Daniel Craig, was in my view “more” Bond than the latest ones were. He was simply believable as a smart and well-trained spy, and according to my dear girlfriend he was also good to look at. I have to trust her, she should know…

All in all an film worth seeing, if you like Bond you will not be disappointed.

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Am I really the only person in the world that didn't like this Bond movie :( ? Hmfrmm.

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