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TV schedules in the mobile phone

Published: Wednesday 2006-11-22.

AirTimes is a very nice little program that I heard about a couple of months ago, but since I at the time had a phone that did not sport support for MIDP2 I was unable to run it. Now I have got myself a new mobile phone, so now it works.

[Screenshot from AirTimes]
TV schedules with AirTimes.

The program updates the schedules by downloading relatively small (which is good, considering the price of data traffic) XML documents with schedules, after which you can read them on your mobile phone. I have a similar system in my “intranet” at home, where I have TV schedules stored in a database and am able to show it as a web page, but that requires me to be sitting in front of a computer (or my Nintendo DS, which I now have got the Opera browser for), whereas I (almost) always have my mobile close by.

Now the question is whether it is possible to get the program to list Norwegian channels and/or if there is a corresponding Norwegian applet.

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