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Published: Friday 2006-09-29.

No, not an old blog post, I am talking about the Norwegian movie Reprise, directed by feature film debutante Joachim Trier. It is not often I watch Scandinavian films, and even more seldom Norwegian. Wednesday night was the first time I went to the cinema to watch a Norwegian film together with my girlfriend, and I do not regret doing so.

Reprise is a very good film, actually one of the better I have seen in a long time. From time to time it can be very difficult to get a grip on what it really is about, but it does leave an imprint, a feeling that not many films manage to give.

Reprise is about two young men who both post their book manuscripts in hope of getting it published. One of the books gets published, the other does not, and both find it difficult to handle the situation they find themselves in. We get to see what they think (wish? dream?) will happen, and what actually does happen. On and off blended in such a way that it is difficult to separate out which is which.

Reprise uses a very special form when it conveys its story, unlike much I have seen in a film before, and it does it in a very good way. I can wholeheartedly recommend everyone to go and see this film, if you are going to watch one Scandinavian film this year – watch this one.

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