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I went to Cambridge and all I got was these lousy photographs

Published: Monday 2006-09-04.

Over the weekend I went to a seminar in Cambridge in English with my department. Unfortunately I forgot the digital camera at home, so all I got was a couple of pictures in rather low quality taken with my old P800 (I am still waiting for my P990, I have ordered one, but the company I ordered it from has not received any yet).

If the colours look weird it is because I have tried to adjust the pictures, they looked totally awful originally.

[Market in Cambridge]
Market at the square in central Cambridge on the Saturday.

[University of Cambridge]
Cambridge is the university. The town is situated around the different buildings, here is one of the largest, and probably oldest, ones. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of which one it is.

[University of Cambridge]
A picture taken at a bit closer range.

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  • Datum: 2006-09-04 23.08.26 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

På mittbilden ser himlen magiskt lila ut, men jag antar att det är ett resultat av efterbehandlingen. Annars kunde man vänta sig häxor som flyger ner från skyarna eller något liknande.

  • Datum: 2006-09-05 08.20.19 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från: *******

Ja, jag tror jag fick lite för mycket rödstick när jag justerade den bilden.

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