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Ullersäter, Molde, Helsinki, Nynäshamn and Oslo

Published: Sunday 2006-08-06.

During this year’s three week summer vacation I have been travelling much more than I have ever done. If you also include that I have been to Gothenburg, Gdańsk and Prague earlier this year, it is definitely a new record.

I started my vacation by taking a short trip to Ullersäter to visit my parents and some old friends, for then to get back home, re-pack and travel to Molde on the west coast, to my girlfriend’s sister and her family, and the jazz festival. Besides taking the tourist railway (if only by regular train) to and from Åndalsnes (with bus connection to Molde) we managed to go to an open-air concert, with first the Norwegian band Kings of Convenience and then Norwegian singer Elvira Nikolaisen. Of the two the last was more to my fancy. In addition to that I managed to meet a friend I know from Oslo who was visiting Molde, visit the look-out point Varden (picture below) and take the ferry to the islands to go for a swim.

[Norwegian flag and view over the sea and mountains]
View from Varden.

Next we were off to Helsinki, Finland. I have been in Helsinki twice before, last time was last year’s DebConf that took place in Otaniemi, which is a suburb to Helsinki. Helsinki is a beautiful city, and despite that I had been there before there was much to see. This time we had a guide book (which we had found in the last minute after looking through several book shops), and it described several interesting sites I hadn’t seen before. Besides everything to see I also had time for a quick swim in the sea by Sveaborg (Soumenlinna), but it was cold. Very cold.

[Ice cream by the Helsinki cathedral]
Ice cream by the Helsinki cathedral.

After Helsinki, and two day’s of well-earned vacation-vacation at home in our flat, I went on a short trip to Nynäshamn and my brother and his family. The water at Nickstabadet in Nynäshamn was much warmer, even though I, just like Helsinki, was swimming in the Baltic Sea. Since I was flying through Stockholm we also had the time to go for a stroll in Stockholm before I had to go back, among other things I had time to visit my favourite shop, the Science fiction bookstore where I actually didn’t buy a single book this time, instead I bought board games and DVD films for around one thousand kronor.

The end of my vacation is now near, Rolle and his family has just left after stopping for coffee on the way home, which meant that I spent the morning cleaning the flat (something I really was supposed to do yesterday) and baking a sponge cake.

[Rolle Casselbrant and family have a coffee in the garden]
Roland Casselbrant and family have a coffee in the garden.

Tomorrow I am off to work again, something I actually am looking forward to.

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