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X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Published: Wednesday 2006-07-12.

Better late then never I thought, so I and Allan went to the cinema yesterday to see X-Men 3: The Last Stand. I have seen both the first and the second X-Men films at the cinema (and own both on DVD). It has, however, been some time since I last watched them, which always is a problem with multi-part movies, you don’t have all the details fresh in your mind.

The third film starts with some flashbacks to things that occurred before the first two films, but the flashbacks are rather short and aren’t explained until relatively far into the movie. Since I have never read the X-Men comic book very much, but rather have been a Spider-Man and Daredevil fan I don’t get all the details and references. In some ways it might be a good thing that I haven’t studied the comic book in close detail, so that I don’t get annoyed at details that don’t correspond completely, for example when Phoenix shows up in a different way than in the comic book.

Anyway, I did find this to be a good movie, I liked the first two and it definitely haven’t got any worse. A fair mix of action scenes and descriptive scenes, and the film is about the right length. The only thing to complain about is, like Allan said after the movie, that the ending is rather quick, but that is the way it usually is. When the grand finale is over most people want to leave, not watch a long description of what happened afterwards – there were actually several in the auditorium that were about to leave before the film was over.

If you liked the two first movies, you should watch this one, you will not be disappointed. Maybe a bit surprised, but not disappointed.

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  • Datum: 2006-07-13 20.15.17 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Och så levde alla lyckliga i alla sina dagar efteråt? Nähä, det måste ha varit en mer utförlig förklaring än så.

Det kanske vore en ny utmaning för avantgardistiska filmskapare att göra en actionfilm där man snabbt bygger upp ett klimax, en stor slutscen och så fortsätter filmen i dubbla riktningar. Det finns ju redan filmer som spelas upp baklänges, men inte riktigt så jag tänker. Experimentet består då av att mäta hur stor del av publiken som reser sig och går efter 20-30 minuter, för de tror sig ha sett allt.

  • Datum: 2006-07-14 13.38.37 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från: *******

Med tanke på hur bråttom folk som har suttit och tittat på en film i två timmar har att komma ut, till sådana grader att de oftast missar extrascener som ligger i eller efter eftertexterna (det har hänt mig också av och till) så vore det ett interssant experiment...

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