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By techies, for techies

Published: Tuesday 2006-05-30.

A problem we have had since moving to the new flat is that our names have not been present in the list in the electronic door bell, so visitors have been unable to ring it without knowing the names of the people we bought the flat from. We have complained about it on several occasions, but have been told that it was because both that there was a cable that was broken somewhere, and that they didn’t quite come to grips with the the software used to add names to the list (the system was only installed last autumn). At the tenant meeting last week more complaints were raised, and I felt like I should do something about it instead of just complaining, so yesterday I was allowed to borrow the installation discs for the software, and the connection cable.

[Screenshot from the configuration software] title=

I can understand that there have been problems. First of all the software is not available in Norwegian, the closest is Danish, and then there are several of the configuration options that are difficult to set if you don’t know all the details, and they do not seem to be documented anywhere. Is, for instance, one or more “RC” units installed, how many “RCE”s are there and is the installation really a “1+n system 711” or is it something else? That you in addition needed to manually set up a customer and a project with customer and project numbers that apparently don’t matter was a bit strange as well.

So I let the default values be for the ones I didn’t know and after some typing I actually managed to read out the list of names from the system. I even dared, after making a backup, changing my own name and update the database, which actually made my name show up on the door-bell. Whether it actually works I do not know, since I was home alone I was unable to hear whether it rang in the flat when I went outside and pushed the call button…

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  • Datum: 2006-05-30 21.42.59 CEST
  • Namn: Storebror
  • Sänt från: *************

Hehe..... "Hej jag är nyinflyytad, jag är dataprogrammerare.... jag kan fixa det här.... btw, jag är svensk..... " -Tänk om det inte går då? Då lär du bli en återkommande snackis i huset.....

  • Datum: 2006-05-31 00.27.50 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Klart det ska vara en svensk som fixar dörrklockan på Sverigesgate!

  • Datum: 2006-06-01 21.15.34 CEST
  • Namn: Roland Casselbrant
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från: *********

Typiskt en storebror..."Tänk om det inte går då?". Det skapar ju många superhjältar...klart grabben skall koda lite...

  • Datum: 2006-06-02 00.03.40 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Det har nog gått inflation i begreppet superhjälte om det räcker med att fixa dörrklockan. Men det är en kul tanke, Peter med mask för ögonen, slängkappa och så ritar han ett kursiverat O i luften när han varit framme. :-)

  • Datum: 2006-06-08 15.48.42 CEST
  • Namn: ASh
  • Sänt från: **********

hmm, en programvara på danska. En adress på norska och en svensk som löser problemet. Det måste vara det man kalla nordiskt samarbete.

  • Datum: 2006-06-08 23.44.22 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Om Peter inte fixar det, sätter grannarna på honom ett par skidor och skickar upp honom i Holmenkollens hoppbacke. Då blir det nordisk kombination.

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