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The Da Vinci Code

Published: Monday 2006-05-22.

And so I have seen it, The Da Vinci Code, the movie. Despite the fact that it has received bad criticism (so bad that the big and expensive advertisement in the morning paper didn’t quote a single review) it is a movie that you just “have” to see, since “everyone” has read the book and “everyone” is going to watch the film… I thought the film was quite okay, not nearly as bad as several critics had led me to believe, but then again it lacks that “special something” one might have expected.

Even though they have, as they should, cut out part of the plot from the book they have still kept quite a lot. Almost too much, the film does feel a bit long with its two and a half hours, even when watching it in the world’s largest THX cinema together with almost one thousand others. In addition there are, despite the length of the film, many quick cuts and fast twists, which some times makes it difficult to keep up. I have read the book, so I followed most of it, but if you haven’t it can probably be quite difficult.

Nevertheless, I believe that I got what I expected, a filmatization of the book, so I can’t complain. If you have read the book the movie is definitely worth seeing. If you haven’t read the book I’m not as convinced that it is, however.

I only noticed one translation error in the Norwegian translation (which is a good mark, at least compared to certain other films I have seen here), namely in one place where “ward” was translated as if they said “war”.

And, finally, concerning all this hysteria about the movie being blasphemous I can just agree with what I read in a newspaper a while back: It can only be a good thing that Jesus had a family and fathered a child, and not only socialised with men all the days. If nothing else, it shows that he was a heterosexual, and that is something the church likes.

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Jag har ännu inte sett filmen. Boken är spännande omän något hafsigt skriven och för fantastisk. Avsluatde nyss Änglar och demoner och den var spännande och bra fram tills de sista 50 sidorna. Då gick författaren överstyr och det blev bara för mycket.

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