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Seventeenth of May

Published: Wednesday 2006-05-17.

Today is Norway’s national day. Unlike us in Sweden, the Norwegians are good at celebrating, which I think much comes from them having a lot to celebrate, they celebrate their independence (first from the Danish, then from the Swedes and last from the German occupation during the second world war) and strengthen their identity. As a small nation it feels important to keep together.

In previous years I have mostly been watching, but since I now live together with a Norwegian girl it was natural to celebrate 17th of May in a traditional manner, with a 17th of May breakfast (or brunch, rather). We had invited some people we know and in the end we were six people.

[Laid breakfast table]
Laid breakfast table on the 17th of May.

We had a successful breakfast, despite that my dear girlfriend, who was on call after having worked the evening, was called in on an emergency operation at half past one in the night and didn’t get home until in the morning. Fortunately we had had enough foresight to prepare most of it in the evening the day before, so we had time to do most of what remained and my girlfriend even had time to sleep for half an hour before the guests arrived (although she was still in the shower and I was changing into better clothes when the first people rang the door-bell, but then again they were ten minutes early).

The intense rainfall meant that we didn’t get out until later in the day, so we missed the 17th of May-parade, except on TV, but we had all seen it before, so it didn’t matter too much. I must say that the 17th of May is a very nice tradition that we Swedes really should learn more by, unfortunately we are not as good at celebrating our national day.

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  • Dato: 2006-05-18 08.47.19 CEST
  • Navn: Eira
  • Sendt fra: ***

Jeg tror dette er første gangen jeg har hatt noe å pirke på i norsken din, men det heter altså "på langt nær", ikke "på lange veier" :) Du kan si "langt på vei", men det betyr noe litt annet.

  • Dato: 2006-05-18 09.46.01 CEST
  • Navn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sendt fra: *******

Så, nå har jeg overstatt fra svorsk til norsk. Takker :-)

  • Dato: 2006-05-18 20.11.18 CEST
  • Navn: Tiram
  • Vevsted:
  • Sendt fra: ***

Jeg var i ytlandet og ankom ikke mødrelandet før i 4-5-tida i går. Ettersom jeg ikke har TV, har jeg dermed sett lite tog, så jeg lurer på om noen så noen samiske flagg i årets Oslo-tog?

  • Datum: 2006-05-19 04.40.43 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Sjätte juni är emellanåt ifrågasatt som nationaldagsdatum, och vissa menar att Sverige inte ens behöver en nationaldag. I år blir det andra gången nationaldagen är en helgdag (fast vissa envisas med att kalla det Svenska Flaggans Dag, trots att det varit nationaldag sedan 1983 eller så). Kanske traditionerna börjar att byggas upp, och allt fler gamla och nya svenskar lockas ut till firandet. Det var en insändare som undrade varför man inte längre firade på kvällen i Domkyrkan som man gjorde för några år sedan. Dels är nationaldagen inget religiöst - snarare tvärtom - och dels skulle inte alla känna sig välkomna till ett firande i en kyrka, om de har annan tro eller ingen tro alls. För att inte tala om att så många färre får rum ens i den största av kyrkor jämfört med en stor utomhusplan, och att det förhoppningsvis är så fint väder i början av juni att man kan och vill vara utomhus.

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