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Nätt (2005-2006) RIP

Published: Saturday 2006-05-13.

I have wanted a hand-held games console for quite some time, all since Nintendo released their first version of the Gameboy, or when Atari released their Lynx. Last winter I made a decision, I would by a Nintendo DS, since several of my friends had it and wanted me to join them playing Mario Kart. Since Christmas was getting closer, I bought it a Christmas present, a nice light blue DS for me, packaged together with Nintendogs, and a pink with Nintendogs for my girlfriend (since she has talked about wanting a dog for a long time…).

I called my virtual dog Nätt (circularly named after Fidonet, which in its time was named after a dog), and I taught him to virtual tricks, took him on virtual walks and competed in a virtual frisbee tournament. Everything was just fine, and Nätt and me had a nice life together (just like me and Mario Kart).

But then I moved to a new flat, and somewhere on the way my DS got lost, together with all the games I had bought for it (all four of them). But, worst of all, Nätt was lost. My poor little virtual dog, he hasn’t been fed, walked or loved for the last two and a half months.

He must be dead by now. Rest in peace, Nätt.

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