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Not that many boxes left

Published: Tuesday 2006-03-21.

Things are indeed improving. Now there are not that many banana boxes and moving crates filled with stuff left, and we are starting to get a certain overview of where things are, even though some items still have eluded discovery. We have even dared invite people, although mostly close friends, and with a clear warning that things still are not completely as they are supposed to be, but still.

Moving is quite an interesting experience. You start out with a flat (or, in our case, two flats) filled with stuff, which you methodically pack in boxes or bags (unless your whole existance fit in two suitcases, that is, but not even Ian manages to repeat that). The target flat is at this time completely empty and bare, and doesn’t feel like something you could live in. Then you move all the boxes, bags and furniture and the old flat gets empty and bare, without any chances of living in. Meanwhile, a complete chaos erupts in the new flat.

The nice part is that a new home slowly but steadily arise from the chaos, a home you long to get back to. The best part of it all is that it is a home that I share with someone I like a lot, and because of that it doesn’t matter if I live in a chaos for a couple of weeks. It is well worth it.

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Ah, the banana boxes ... Been there! Incidentally, those banana boxes are wonderful cat toys, better than the cat towers you can buy in stores. The cat(s) can walk and sit on one, they can stay inside it, and they can poke their paws through the holes in the sides. Good for hours of fun.

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