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“That one has been there for a while”

Published: Monday 2006-02-20.

That one has been there for a while is, according to my girlfriend, my most common line at the moment. I didn’t notice that I said it that often myself, but it is quite probable that I have said that on more than two occasions. It has been snowing quite a lot here in Oslo lately, according to some this is a record year for snow, and the snow ploughs can’t quite keep up, they plough the snow and build snow banks around the cars and bikes that are parked alongside the road, to the vexation of the owners.

Considering this situation I am rather happy that I don’t own a car, and that I live close enough to work (at least for a while longer) that I can walk to work when it is at its worst. The major problem is that they are unable to remove the old snow from the streets before new falls, which also partly is because cars are parked along the side of the roads at all times (due to the lack of parking space). Now they at least are trying to do something about it, on my way home today I noticed that there are time-limited parking prohibitions on most streets, and when I was waiting for a green light at the pedestrian crossing two lorries fully loaded with snow that is being conveyed away.

So perhaps it will be somewhat easier to get to and from work tomorrow. Unless more snow falls, of course.

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