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Just like heaven

Published: Sunday 2006-01-15.

We went to the cinema on Friday and saw the movie Just like heaven, which is about a guy who moves in to a flat where a woman used to live. He isn’t told why the family suddenly has chosen to rent out the flat, but he starts to suspect that something terrible has happened when he gets a visit from a ghost – or is it?

The primary target group for the film might be teenage girls (me and my girlfriend definitely helped in increasing the average age of the audience by a few notches), full of cliches and bad jokes. But I still liked it, perhaps because I am a bit weak for this kind of film, films that are about life after death and the border zone in-between.

Not that I really believe in an afterlife, rather the opposite, I hope that when it is over it is really over. But nevertheless I am curious of what other people think about it, even when it is told in form of an American romantic drama for teenage girls…

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Eller som skatan sa i sagan om älgen som fastnat under ett träd (från inspelning med Drutten & Gena):

"En del får leva livet ut, för andra är det redan slut!"

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