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The big mysteries in life, part one

Published: Tuesday 2006-01-03.

From time to time one starts wondering how things work, why matters are the way they are, but at the same time one is too embarrassed to ask, since it must be common knowledge—I mean, no-one else has ever asked about it. But when one finally finds the courage to ask no-one knows, all people one asks has also been wondering over it (or not cared at all).

Question of the day: I bought a suit on the after-Christmas sale, and as always the jacket (but not the trousers) came with the pockets sewn up, so I had to sit myself down and unstitch them. Why? Why not have them open to start with, if they are there anyway?

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The pockets are there for decorative reasons only (jackets don't look that nice without them). If they are left open they are likely to start sagging (especially if people start putting things in their pockets) and make the jacket look uglier.

I hate it too and usually end up opening them:-).

  • Date: 2006-01-03 11.49.24 CET
  • Name: Peter Karlsson
  • Posted from: *******

If they were for decorative reasons only, they would just make fake pockets, that would be a lot cheaper. But they aren't fake, they are real pockets, and they're sewn up with a thread in a different colour from the suit jacket, just waiting to get unstitched. So, sorry, that explanation doesn't hold. But thanks for trying :-)

The waistcoat *did* have fake pockets, however. Which was too bad, because that's where I wanted to put stuff when I took off my jacket...

Well maybe it is to give the people an option to open them at their own risk but taking the sagging problem of their shoulders.

I don't know but this is the reason that both store clerks and some members of my family have given me:-).

  • Datum: 2006-01-04 18.20.54 CET
  • Namn: redtop
  • Sänt från: ***********

Det är för att man inte ska frestas att stjäla saker i klädbutiken och lägga dom i fickorna. Det förklarade en expedit för mig när jag köpte en kostym åt min man. Jag stod bara och gapade, hade aldrig kommit på iden att någon kunde göra så.

  • Datum: 2006-01-05 02.06.34 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

I så fall borde väl alla vanliga jackor som säljs också ha fickorna igensydda. De rymmer mer än fickorna i en kostymjacka. Min tanke var att en massa kostymer av samma modell sys upp på samma fabrik fast åt olika märken, och varje "tillverkare" väljer om man vill ha igensydda fickor eller inte. För att den teorin ska fungera måste det finnas likvärdiga kostymer med öppna jackfickor.

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