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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Published: Friday 2005-12-30.

I went to the cinema yesterday to see the Narnia movie that just have been premiered. We (me, my girlfriend and Andreas) were invited by Thomas Tydal, who had a couple of free tickets lying around (thanks, Thomas!). The day did, however, start with shopping at the after-Christmas sale together with my girlfriend and my parents, in real winter weather. Oh well, fortunately there are several shopping centres in Örebro, so it wasn’t too bad, plus that we had the cinema to look forward to.

I read the books (all of them) when I was a kid, I read through all the books two summers in a room (i.e twice). In addition to that I have seen the animated movie that was made from this book (the second one) several times, and a BBC children’s TV series that was shown on TV a couple of years ago. Even if I didn’t understand all the Christian references in the story as a kid I found it fascinating and enchanting.

This fascination still lives in me as an adult and I find that the new feature film from Disney manages to capture this in a good way. The film is almost two and a half hour long, which I didn’t notice as much during the film itself, but it was quite noticeable when I was getting up to leave afterwards... The special effects are also quite well done, in true Disney fashion, and, most of the time, trustworthy (and the speaking beavers are quite cute).

I also found that they have followed the book quite well. Now, I can’t remember all the small details since it has been quite a number of years since I read it, but still there wasn’t anything I found I missed or that was wrong. The only thing I can remark on is that it is a bit violent at times, it is definitely not a movie for smaller children, but if you have read the books and liked them I can definitely recommend the movie.

Now I hope that they will turn the rest of the books into movies as well.

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