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Caution, slippery roads

Published: Tuesday 2005-12-27.

I was going for a ride to visit an old friend today, and since it is out on the country-side this means driving a car on small roads. It is winter and temperature has fluctuated around the freezing point, which means that the snow has melted and then have become ice again, and then it has snowed and been windy, which has polished the ice shiny. So, on the road to my friend I was going over a small crest, which hadn’t been sanded.

I braked and was driving slowly, but nevertheless managed to get into a skid which ended me up in the ditch. Fortunately I wasn’t driving particularly fast (around 20 km/h or so) and the ditches were quite large and contained a lot of snow, so the car stopped nicely without any damage to myself or the car, but it wasn’t very easy to get out of the ditch with a car with rear wheel drive when one of the rear wheels was half a metre above the road. It is at times like these that I praise the mobile phone, I called my friend and he borrowed a tractor and pulled me out of the ditch without breaking a sweat.

Another thing that was quite funny was the place where I went into the ditch, it is, give or take, half-way to my friend (who has moved back to the place he lived as a kid). When we were young we used to go by bike to each other’s place during the summers and used to start from each end at the same time to meet half-way. It was at that spot that I drove into the ditch, so it was quite fitting that we should meet there when we met for the first time in over fifteen years.

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  • Datum: 2005-12-27 23.05.37 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Om en vecka firar jag ett år sedan jag krockade. Jag hade inte samma flax som du. Apropå att hamna i diket kom jag att tänka på ett tidigare tillfälle då jag och en tjej skulle åka till Asköviken, jag kom på fel avtagsväg och trodde att jag kunde vända och hamnade halvvägs i diket. Som tur var kom det någon som kunde hjälpa oss att skjuta loss bilen, och det var ändå på vårsidan.

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