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Not my day today

Published: Monday 2005-11-28.

Wakes up, tired, after a late night yesterday. I take a bit longer time than usual to get started in the morning, but around eight o’clock I step out through the front door, carrying my bike, just to find out that it is snowing heavily. Since I haven’t switched to studded tyres yet I have to turn around and walk to work instead.

When I arrive at work the lights don’t work in my office, it is just dark. Fortunately, the power outlets for the computers still worked, so I could work as usual, until an electrician could connect the power again.

Then it started smelling. Really bad. Something in the electric fittings for the light had broke (which, most likely, was the cause that the fuse had blown), so the electricians had to come back and demount the fittings, and then I had to open the window and air the room.

Since I am throwing a party tomorrow, I was going to make a sponge cake when I came home, but after today’s events I was a bit tired, so I missed out slightly on the recipe. I hope the cake is still edible, even though it doesn’t look perfect. Then I was going to wash clothes in the laundry room, but then the laundry machine went on strike. It starts the program and started to wash the clothes, but then it gives up and stops with soaking wet, unwashed, clothes. Wonderful.

Bleh. I hope tomorrow will be better.

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  • Date: 2005-11-29 10.21.42 CET
  • Name: Jorunn
  • Website:
  • Posted from: *******

Well, today it's definitely your day. Literally. Happy birthday! I'm looking forward to the cake.

  • Date: 2005-11-30 20.59.41 CET
  • Name: Katla
  • Website:
  • Posted from: **

I had that problem, tured out to be a key that had gotten into the filters that protect the pump. Who knew washing machine had so many technical finesses?

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