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Nynäshamn and Stockholm

Published: Wednesday 2005-11-02.

As I mentioned earlier, I am on vacation this week, and that is very nice. The first half of it I spent in Nynäshamn, together with my brother and his family, which always is nice. As by coincidence my girlfriend also was on vacation this week, and came with me to Nynäshamn for the first time. I like Nynäshamn, it is a nice harbour-town. It’s just a shame that it is so “far away” – at the end of the commuter train line, an hour’s travel from the central station.

Since both her and me know people (old school buddies) in Stockholm, we took the opportunity to say hello to some of them yesterday when we went to the city on a shopping trip. We managed to go through quite a lot of shops in one day, have lunch with Linus and have dinner at some of my girlfriend’s friends’ place. From the shopping I am most satisfied with the new backpack I found on a sale for a hundred (or just over 80 Norwegian oil-dollars), in the first shop we visited at Vasaparken. It was very useful for carrying the rest of the purchases in, and a bit larger than the one I had from earlier.

That, and that I found a card-game that I have been looking for since I played it at NärCon last autumn – Fluxx. Fluxx is a fun game where one play is never like another since neither the rules nor the way to win is decided in advance, those are printed on cards you play as the game progresses. I found Fluxx in my favourite shop, the science fiction bookstore in the Old Town. They had a whole section with board and card games, neatly hidden away on the other side of the role-playing games without any signs telling that they were there. A tip for those looking for games in Stockholm, since they have several of the ones I have mentioned here in the blog.

I also bought a Korean sci-fi movie on DVD that looks interesting. I’m putting it in the pile of yet-to-be-seen movies that I never get the time to go through for the time being.

Right now I am at home for a short stop, tomorrow I will be going to Tromsø and my girlfriend’s big brother and family. I am looking forward to that, I haven’t been that far north in Norway (or at all) before. It’s nice to have vacation every now and then, even if it apparently means that you miss out on some things that happen at the office. Oh well, when it comes to that particular field I feel quite anti at the moment. We’ll see if anyone at work will comment on it, my brother didn’t notice it until I mentioned it myself...

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