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Reunion, culture, conferences and fårikål

Published: Wednesday 2005-09-28.

My blog has been a bit quiet lately, I simply haven’t had as much time and energy over as I used to. I guess it’s simply because I focus it on better things, something which is both good and bad. Mostly I think that blogging for me, as for many others, partly works as a kind of therapy, where I can get an outlet for things that I feel and think. On the other hand, having someone to talk to outweighs that.

So, what has happened during the last two weeks? The weekend two weeks ago I went to a reunion, this year it is ten years (wow) since I finished upper secondary school (gymnasium, which according to my dictionary corresponds to open-access sixth form in the UK and senior high school in the US) which means that it was time for the obligatory reunion. It was very nice meeting people again and see what had happened to them. I haven’t been very good at keeping in touch with people, but that easily is the case when people disappear in different directions. Myself I began my studies at the university in Västerås right after secondary, for then to start working in Oslo. Then it can be a bit tricky to keep in touch.

Some had turned out the way they were expected to (including myself), whereas the choice of profession for some was a slightly more unexpected. Some had founded a computer game company in Stockholm, whereas another had ended as police in the Stockholm suburbs. One works as a chemistry engineer for a pharmaceutical company, a couple are physicians. Some had moved abroad while some had stayed in (or returned to) their home town. Some are married with children, others are happily single. Some looked exactly the same way they did ten years ago, a couple I had to ask for their names. All in all it was a nice reunion, a big thank you to Sofia for getting everyone together, and thanks to Daniel for the nice brochure with background information.

Last Thursday there was a cultural walk along the Akerselva river here in Oslo, an event where the walkway along the river was lit by torches and several smaller cultural events were organised. It has been arranged for a few years now, but I haven’t gotten around to going until now. There was singing, dancing, small art displays et cetera, along the entire run of the river from Kjelsås in the north to the city centre in the south. We never got farther than about half that during the three hours it lasted, but there was a lot of interesting things to see in that half.

Right below where I live in Bjølsen there is a park with a tree that fell over in some windy weather a couple of years back. That tree had for the night been decorated with reflector tags, which were lit by a spotlight, which made a mighty impression in the dark.

Friday and Saturday I was on a conference with my union. An excellent opportunity to make new contacts for our new chapter. Today I was supposed to go to a training course to learn what to do as a union representative, but when I woke up this morning I was ill. Yuk.

Last Sunday night we were invited to the Norwegian speciality fårikål (mutton in cabbage) to some of friends of my girlfriend. I have heard a bit about fårikål, but I hadn’t tried it until Sunday. Fårikål is, more or less, mutton that is cooked, for a long time, with cabbage and served with potatoes. Nevertheless I found it, even though having been warned about the opposite, quite nice, and I would happily try it again. Apparently this is a typical Norwegian autumn recipe, which is supposed to be made in such large quantities that it lasts for several days.

There, now I think I’m up to speed again. Stay tuned.

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