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Election tests

Published: Thursday 2005-09-08.

It isn’t long now to this year’s Storting election. As usual when elections are around all web news services publish questionnaires where you can figure out which political party you match closest. Since I’m not a Norwegian citizen, I am not eligible to vote, but nevertheless I thought it would be interesting to check what these services say that I should have voted for, if I had been able to.

I tried three services, NRK (warning: Flash), Aftenposten and TV2. The first two more or less agreed in their result, and matched quite good to what I had expected, whereas I strongly dispute the result from TV2, since that test thought I should vote for the Christian democratic party...

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  • Datum: 2005-09-08 23.45.57 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Sex dagar senare är det val till kyrkan här i Sverige. Jag hörde att Svenska Kyrkan minskat sin valbudget med ett antal miljoner kronor sedan senast, mycket för att de också har mindre pengar att röra sig med. Förutom röstkort och en broschyr för valsamverkan mellan M och C har det också kommit en kyrkans tidning som säger sig vara nummer 3 i år. Jag kan inte minnas att jag fått de övriga två numren. Få se om nummer 4 kommer när valet är avklarat?

Eftersom det är en rättighet att utnyttja sin röst, och att jag har ganska nära till vallokalen (fast inte lika nära som när det blir riksdagsval) kommer jag nog att rösta. Frågan är bara på vilket parti.

You make me curious... what did the other tests say? I'd guess you are leaning towards liberalism, but only liberal when compared to the prevalent Nordic socialist mindset, not radically liberal.

But then, I don't know you *that* good, and I know Nordic politics hardly at all :)

  • Date: 2005-09-10 16.23.39 CEST
  • Name: Peter Karlsson
  • Posted from: ************

Well, I don't really feel like proclaiming my political views for everyone to see like that. Those who know me probably know what the results would be like anyway, and the rest probably don't need to know... :)

E-mail me privately (address below) if you're still curious.

You are right that others don't need to know. Gerdur did much the same thing on her blog. But I also think I get to know people better by learning of their political views - why wouldn't a blogger want people to know him/her better?

Having said that, you wouldn't want people to know you *only* through your political leanings. It is a minor part of your personality, but tends to get the most attention as it is so easy to transfer online - and people tend to judge on it. While ones introvertness/helpfulness/visual appearance/etc (my English fails me here) might be just as important to getting to really know someone.

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