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A hectic, but very nice, weekend

Published: Monday 2005-08-29.

After Friday’s celebrations, we spent Saturday in Frogner park where Hydro celebrated a 100 years by inviting everyone to free concerts.

It started out with Oslo philharmonic orchestra and Sissel Kyrkjebø performing the film music from the Lord of the Rings movies. I wasn’t that enthusiastic over the movies (but then again, I didn’t quite like the book either), but the music isn’t too bad. I have to admit that it did get slightly monotonous after a couple of hours, but that didn’t matter, with a good mood and nice company it was very nice.

[Oslo philharmonic orchestra and Sissel Kyrkjebø]
Lord of the Rings live.

Unfortunately it rained a bit in the afternoon, which transformed the nice lawn in front of the stage to a mud hole in time for the evening concerts. After a short café stop we returned to see the Norwegians Ravi og DJ Løv as a warm-up for the evening’s main attraction A-ha. Unfortunately we weren’t the only people who showed up, and Frogner park isn’t quite designed for the more than 100,000 visitors that sources say were there, which made it slightly cramped. Fortunately there were big screens available that you could watch the concert on if you didn’t want to crowd together right in front of the stage, so we went there instead.

A nice evening, even though I’m not quite happy with me getting slightly claustrophobic by being in the crowd. I felt the same way when I visited the free concert down at Aker brygge in conjunction with the celebration of the 100 years of independence earlier this summer. I didn’t think I would feel that way, so it was a bit spooky. But I had a nice evening nevertheless.

Yesterday it was Chaals’ turn to follow up on the bake-a-thon from earlier this summer, when he invited us to a cook-a-thon. Since he lives in a slightly larger flat than me there were more people present, and it spanned the whole day. Very interesting and very nice dishes and desserts were produced, unfortunately my stomach has a limit on how much stuff I can put into it, so I didn’t get to taste it all.

Anyway it was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, can it be much better than spending it with good friends and nice food?

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The cook-a-thon was fun. Food and friends are some of the most important things in the universe, so thanks for being one and making the other.

And this time it is our house that is filled with left-overs. (Although Chiara says she needs the Nutella she forgot, so I'd better bring it in tomorrow ;-)

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Apropå filmmusiken: efter en del rekommendation från folk som sett filmen och att den vunnit Oscar (eller åtminstone nominerats?) köpte vi ett arrangemang för blåsorkester, på ganska hög svårighetsnivå. Men det var väldigt plottrigt, många små snuttar här och där, ganska tråkigt. Arrangemanget var tre-fyra sidor noter per stämma, vilket är ganska långt, men faktum är att vi ännu bara framfört sista 25%, och det var på stående konsert i nedkopierat format. Möjligen fanns det andra, bättre arrangemang, eller så är det en sån musik som är bra om ett tema får hålla på en längre stund, men när man sätter samman ett potpurri blir det varken hackat eller malet. :-/

Jag trodde Hydro skulle bjuda på en liten flaska råolja när de firade 100 år. :)

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