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The Island

Published: Saturday 2005-08-13.

A couple of nights ago I went to the cinema to see The Island. Since I liked both The Truman Show and The Matrix, two movies where the world that the principal characters find themselves in is not exactly what it appear, I had rather high expectations for this movie. I was not disappointed.

The film opens with showing the world from the principal character’s perspective, after which you slowly but steadily get small hints that things might not exactly agree with reality. The truth is revealed to the viewers before the principal characters figure it out, but I guess you have to do that, and it works really well in the movie. Of course there are also quite a lot of special effects and similar, but they only help underscore the storyline, they aren’t just there to be there as they can be in some films.

It is hard to review a film without giving away the story; but given that I compare it to The Truman Show and The Matrix I guess most people will guess what the core idea is. If you in addition have seen a trailer for the movie you already know several of the details, but that doesn’t really matter, it still manages to tell the story in a touching way.

I can very much recommend The Island. It works both as science-fiction and as action drama.

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Apropå den filmen, stod det i skvallerpressen härom dagen att huvudrollsinnehavarna Ewan McGregor och Scarlett Johanson ville klämma in nakenscener eller åtminstone visa brösten, men producenterna sade ifrån - eftersom filmen inte skulle få onödigt hög åldersgräns. Liknande sak sades om Paris Hilton (duh!) i House of Wax. Hur mycket som är påhittad PR och hur mycket som är sanning är svårt att säga, men intrycket är att filmnakenhet är väldigt polariserat just nu; antingen inget eller överdrivet.

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