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Rainy day: 1856 and Arkham Horror

Published: Sunday 2005-07-31.

After a nice and sunny day yesterday I woke up hearing the rain pattering against the window, and when I looked outside I saw that the rain was totally teeming down. In other words, a perfect day for playing board games with my friends...

We started playing a game of 1856, this time with five players. I have played 1856 with three players a couple of times lately, but that is almost a completely different game since the total amount of money you start with is the same no matter the number of players, with five players it simply is much more cut-throat. Today was the first time that I have seen the game end “early”, that is, without the bank running out of money. That was because Sverre got a bad start and in the end went bankrupt, something which immediately ends the game (if it hadn’t, he had been forced to watch from the sideline the rest of the game, and that is not very nice; games with eliminations aren’t fun to play). So after “just” about five hours of play it ended, with Ivar as the winner (that he would win was quite clear after Tore had made a fatal mistake that cost him the first place). I managed to end third, after having made a couple of minor mistakes, in exactly the same moment that I always make a mistake in this game (I started my second company one round too late). Strange that I never learn.

After eating we played a new game that Sverre had bought, Arkham Horror, which in brief is about a group of explorers that are trying to save the town of Arkham from the evil monsters that suddenly have started appearing. Unlike 1856, which is an individual game where everyone plays for winning in person, Arkham Horror is a co-operative game, with some role-playing tendencies. In fact there is no individual winner at all, either the players win or the monster wins. In today’s game we players managed to win, actually rather easily, after four hours of play time. I think there was quite a bit of luck involved, however, for instance if I hadn’t received the special cards that I did in the beginning of the game, it probably hadn”t turned out this good.

However, I did actually manage to win the game a bit more than the others, the rules say that the player that manages to close the most portals to other dimensions that are formed in the game is named the “first citizen of Arkham”. That was me. Hooray for me...

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