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Productive vacation

Published: Tuesday 2005-07-12.

I have vacation at the moment, which I, as I previously mentioned, am spending at DebConf in Helsinki. I have managed to get a whole lot done in some of my personal projects that have lagged behind for quite a while, for instance I have finally released a new version of GNU Jwhois, after having received some help with the problems I have had with Autoconf and friends.

Additionally, I have coded on my own Turquoise, for the first time in over three years, and finally got it to compile with C++ compilers released on this side of the turn of the millennium. Hopefully I can release a new version soon, the big change that I had planned is not finished, but on the other hand it doesn’t hurt anything as the code looks now since it isn’t attached to the sources, so I can release a new version without any troubles. Hopefully I can do that some time before 2010...

Additionally there are many interesting talks and workshops to attend, which is nice. Tomorrow there is a day trip to Suomenlinna planned, but I think I’ll skip that and take a day trip of my own to Helsinki instead. It will actually be nice to do something else for a day, and now that I am so close to Helsinki I just have to go there once.

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Precis en sån semester man inte ska ha, läste jag just.

Jaja. Jag har kul, träffar folk jag bara konverserar med över e-post och lär mig nya intressanta saker, så så illa kan det ju knappast vara :-)

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