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SJ: From bad to even worse

Published: Tuesday 2005-05-24.

SJ recently updated their web based ticket booking system, the system I previously have mentioned how ecstatic I was about. The question I ask myself is of course, considering how bad it worked before, could the new system be anything but better? The answer is unfortunately yes...

[Your web browser seems not to work optimally with our booking]

So, after having entered the departure and arrival cities on the home page you are met with this informative message: Your web browser does not seem to be working optimally with our booking function on the internet. What web browsers our booking works with can be found under About the web site. Or, to translate it into clear English: We haven’t bothered reading up on the standards that are in use on the Internet, and since you pigheadedly keep on using a Scandinavian web browser that follow those precise standards we cannot guarantee that anything will work. What customers we want can be found under About the web site.


Oh well, the error message I got this morning when I actually dared to press the Continue button seems to have gone away now, at least (before I managed to grab a screen shot), and the new server for credit card transactions is no longer using an antiquated and easily-broken level of cryptography, that at least weighs in as somewhat positive. But I must say that it is a bit strange how a government-owned company like this can recommend that people use American products and outright warn against locally produced alternatives.

But I guess it is like I long have suspected, SJ simply does not want people to travel with them.

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  • Datum: 2005-05-25 13.21.23 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Prova att lägg en beställning hos Systembolaget, för att se om ett statligt företag är mer mån om kunderna än ett annat. Om inte annat kanske du kan lifta, åtminstone från Sverige till Norge, med en flaska vin som lockbete. :-p

Netscape 6.1 eller senare, ingår Mozilla och Firefox i det begreppet, eller identifierar de sig annorlunda? Förresten har jag nog aldrig hört "MS 98" tidigare.

Jag var inne där tidigare idag eller igår, och trots varningen så märkte jag iaf inga problem med Opera 8/Linux.

Om den funkar på Win98 och senare, finns det då något som saknas i Win95 för att sidan kan fungera där?

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