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Seventeenth of May

Published: Tuesday 2005-05-17.

In spite of the weather forecast, and in contrast to yesterday, this year’s May 17th celebration took place in sunshine and beautiful weather. The day started at Monika’s place, she had invited me, Chaals and Eivind for breakfast. Chaals didn’t show up to breakfast since he apparently got to bed late yesterday (he was seen on Opera’s IRC channel at around half past three), but showed up later in a rather special attire:

[Monika & Chaals]

After breakfast we went downtown, on foot (to even think of getting through anywhere using any kind of vehicle, including bicycle, is not worth it). We came down behind the castle and went around it to see the parades and the royal family who were on castle balcony, waving at the people, as usual (although the king himself wasn’t there, he is still recovering from his latest operation). When we had seen the castle we went on down to Aker brygge, where the parades end. There were as many people there as anywhere else, May 17th really brings people out! After the parades we found our way back up towards Karl Johan and found a spot on the lawn in front of the National theatre where we sat down to rest for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather, and this is also where Chaals found us.

I have watched the parades earlier, even if I often also spent the day doing other chores. The times I have watched it, it has however mostly been by myself, and that is not very fun and thus I have mostly returned home rather early again. With some company it is a different thing altogether.

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