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E-mail spam attack

Published: Saturday 2005-05-14.

The e-mail spammers are really showing no signs of giving in. As I have mentioned before, I use Bogofilter to filter out spam e-mail from my inbox. It has worked very well, only very few spam e-mails have not been filtered every now and then, and as far as I can tell, no legitimate e-mails have been flagged as spam. But lately it hasn’t worked quite as well.

The last few weeks the number of spam e-mail that haven’t been filtered away has increased to about five–ten letters a day (of the thousands of spam e-mail that arrive each week), which is really, really annoying. Maybe it is a sign that I should upgrade my bogofilter installation to a newer version, in the hope that it will handle it better? Or have the spammers now after a couple of years simply started to learn how to outsmart automated filtering tools, now that everyone are using them?

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