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Reflections from a Swede in Norway.

Here you will find my small graffiti board where I write about things I come to think about.

In my blog, I write about the general unfairness of life, about spam mail, vintage computers, board games, Norwegians, current and not-so-current affairs, technology and whatever else occurs to me — in other words, a glorious mess. All opinion expressed here are of course my own, and all similarities with any living people is of course intentional.

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Published: Sunday 2005-04-24.

I upgraded my main workstation at home from Debian 3.0 (“Woody”) to what will become 3.1 (“Sarge”) during the weekend. I normally like Debian’s package management, especially apt-get, but that is when you keep to one and the same release. To upgrade from one release to a new one is a different thing, and I had to do quite a lot of manual work to stop the programme from removing packages I really wanted to keep, but in the end I managed it.

Now I am trying to come to an agreement with the new version of Gnome that comes with 3.1. Since the old version was old it refused to import any of my old settings, which is quite annoying considering that I have spent quite some time customising it to work just the way I wanted it to. After having torn my hair for a while (figuratively speaking) I have at least got it to work almost the way I want it to, but there is still some way to go before I am completely happy.

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