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Four, and then some

Published: Friday 2005-04-22.

I thought I’d try answering this week’s Friday four, which is about mobile phones:

What kind of mobile phone do you have and why did you pick that one exactly? As I mentioned earlier I own a Sony Ericsson P800 since a couple of years back. When I saw UIQ, the graphical interface that the P800 (as well as its successors P900 and P910 plus, among others, some models from Motorola) uses, in a meeting with Psion during 2001 or thereabouts, I decided that when they released a smartphone with this interface, I would buy it. So I waited a couple of years until the P800 came out and bought it. That Opera is available for the phone is not a bad thing either, but what I really have discovered as the killer app for mobile data communications is IRC (I use quirc), as it makes long bus trips a lot less boring.

Has the mobile phone saved you from a tricky situation that you wouldn’t have managed without the phone? No, nothing I can remember directly. I have called a couple of time asking for directions, but I would probably have found my way nevertheless.

Are you worried about the radiation from mobile phones and telephone pylons? Partly. I don’t find the pylons very dangerous, it is more the idea of having a phone pressed against your head that feels bad, which is why I always use a headset when talking on the phone. Since my headset uses Bluetooth it radiates a bit as well, but it is a lot less than the phone itself. It is too bad that phones no longer come with external antennas, with those you could easily steer the radiation away from the head.

Is there anyone around you that doesn’t have a mobile phone? Yes, I know several people who neither has a landline nor a mobile phone. I’m not really that keen on phones myself, either, I mostly use my mobile phone as a PDA, and I have the IP telephony mostly because it is cheap for calling Sweden on.

As usual on Fridays I was over at Ian’s playing games tonight. First we (me, Ian, Tim, Wilhelm and Allan) played Power Grid (which I have described earlier), a game that I enjoy quite a lot. This time I actually managed to win, partly because I had a tactic that I kept to, but partly of course because I had quite a lot of luck. Nice.

After that we also played a round of Ricochet Robots (although there were only three of us left at that time). It is really a game that you shouldn’t play late at night, it has a way of completely turning the brain into jelly. But it went surprisingly well nevertheless (i.e, I didn’t lose).

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  • Datum: 2005-04-23 22.44.10 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Apropå mos av hjärnan, tror du att brädspelande höjer, sänker eller inte påverkar IQ på lång sikt? Jag syftar på artikeln i kvällstidningen härom dagen om att den som ofta svarar på e-post, SMS och alltid finns redo sänker sin IQ-nivå med 10 poäng, jämfört med en marijuana-rökare som bara tappar 4 poäng. Argumentet mot flitigt e-postande var att man håller hjärnan på högvarv hela tiden och då tappar man förmågan till toppar. Om det handlat om att mobiltelefoner strålar bort poäng kunde jag ha förstått resonemanget...

Förresten var jag mobillös i ganska många år också. Jag ägde en mobiltelefon som var såpass stor och inte tog laddning att jag bara hade med den om jag visste att jag måste ringa någon, inte för att bli uppringd. Sen tog den inte laddning alls, och batteri går knappt att uppbringa, så då köpte jag den billigaste sortens kontantkortstelefon. Den är i formatet betydligt mindre, så nu har jag den med mig för det mesta. Så kan det gå.

  • Datum: 2005-04-23 23.52.00 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från: ************

Det publicerades ju artiklar häromdagen om att dataspel tydligen skulle vara bra för hjärnan igen, efter förra studien som jag har för mig visade det motsatta. Jag vet inte om brädspelande i allmänhet påverkar IQ-nivån något särskilt, men man tränar ju på olika sorters problemlösning och ofta olika optimeringsstrategier, så det kan nog knappast vara så fruktansvärt dåligt för hjärnan.

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