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Published: Friday 2005-04-15.

Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of the C++ standard, held a lecture at the Oslo University college today, about the future of C++ and the update of the ISO standard that is in the works, some really interesting stuff seems to be upcoming, but unfortunately I didn’t take a note, so I can’t go into details here...

Something that was interesting, however, was noting which people listened to the lecture; there was an e-mail sent out to one of Opera’s internal mailing lists about the lecture, but I hadn’t heard about anyone that was going, so when I went together with two colleagues I thought it was only us that would come. I was a bit surprised when I found out that we were at least around fifteen people from Opera. Additionally there were several people I recognised from Trolltech, whose offices are one floor down from Opera, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there also where several from Linpro (who are one floor further down) attending. The question is whether it would have been simpler to just have him come hold the lecture in our offices, instead of letting half the building going by bus to the other end of town?

Oh well, at least I got away from the office for a while, which is nice...

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