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Laser guns, Robots and plans for the day

Published: Sunday 2005-04-10.

After rather quickly having washed the clothes that were bubbling over in my laundry basket I was off down to Megazone in central Oslo for a round of lasertag with colleagues from Opera. Everyone was given a “laser gun” each and a vest with sensors and were sent running around in a blacked out labyrinth trying to shoot each others, and to capture the enemy’s base.

We were 19 people participating, everyone from Opera, split into two teams. Since we were an uneven number one of the teams obviously was somewhat larger. The red team, who had 10 players, won with 103,326 points versus 90,383. Th difference approximately corresponds to having one player more, even if the score varied significantly from player to player. The best player, Eirik, managed to get 20,702 points, whereas the player who ended up last only scored 2054. Both of them were on the red team. The green team, which I played on, meanwhile was slightly more even, even if it was obvious which of us that hadn’t played before. I ended in fifteenth place with 8900 points. Apparently they did play a match in May last year, but unfortunately I never heard about it, if I had I would definitely had joined. Hopefully there will be more occasions, this was fun!

After half an hour of adrenaline-pumping running around in dark labyrinths it seemed like a good idea to get some food, and since the spring weather was really nice we took the opportunity to eat at an open-air café, which at least for me was the first time this spring. Since we as by accident happened to end up right across of Eldorado cinema, which is the only cinema in Oslo to show the movie Robots in the original version, and since several of us had been planning to see it we took the opportunity to watch it.

I thought the movie was really good, actually. It is very clear how the art of computer animation is moving forward in large steps, the quality of the rendering of smooth and not-so-smooth metallic surfaces was very impressive. The plot was also quite okay, with a lot of humour. Also they parodied several other movies in a couple of scenes, and I just love when they do that, so that was very nice. I recommend seeing Robots.

Sunday is reserved for a game of 1856 with five players. To think that I complained about not having any friends and being depressed over many things. Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Update: Picture from lasertag.

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  • Date: 2005-04-10 21.29.42 CEST
  • Name: Eirik
  • Website:
  • Posted from: *****

It was a great match, and I must admit I'm proud of having such a good score. I guess the fact that I was randomly shooting at everything that moved, was a good strategy ;)

  • Dato: 2005-04-10 22.14.20 CEST
  • Navn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sendt fra: ************

Jeg prøvde densamme taktikken, og kom femtende, så jeg er ikke helt sikker på at det var derfor...

  • Datum: 2005-04-11 00.51.33 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******************

Eirik kanske är bättre på att detektera rörelser, m.a.o. hittade fler sak^H^H^Hpersoner att skjuta på?

Jag passerade förresten Ullersätter (trodde det bara var ett T?) på vägen till och från Uskavi den här helgen. Dock hade jag inte nog studerat kartan, så jag bommade Nora och var halvvägs till Hällefors innan jag insåg att det var fel väg. Så här i efterhand inser jag att det hade varit marginellt kortare att i Frövi åka av mot Vedevåg - Lindesberg, sen RV50 norrut och ta av västerut vid en onumrerad väg som slutar strax söder om Siggebohyttan. Nåja, om det blir ett nästa tillfälle ska jag skriva ut detaljerade kartor i förväg..

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