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On track

Published: Saturday 2005-04-09.

Ian has a craze for model railways, last week he bought track for more than I receive after taxes in a month, and now he has built a gigantic railway in the living room of his flat. And as if it is not enough that he has loads of track and four locomotives, the locomotives and the switches are also remotely controlled, both via IRC and via a web interface.

Really fun to play around with, actually. Especially when you sit there with a laptop each, connected to the wireless network, controlling a locomotive each at the same time as a third train is doing a pre-programmed regular traffic between the three “stations” along the track. Funny enough for me and Ian to get stuck playing around with it on Friday night, while the other six people in the group were playing Settlers (officially I was also there to play board games)...

When we finally managed to get ourselves away from it, me, Ian, Wilhelm and Sagar first played a game of Blokus, a game that I jokingly tend to call Tetris the board game due to the way it is composed. Miraculously I somehow managed to win, with only one piece left, which is interesting considering how bad I usually am at this kind of games, it is my older brother who is the Tetris expert in the family.

The second game we played was Tantrix, a game where the aim is to build long lines (in other words, not completely unlike Ian’s railway). It was the second time I played Tantrix, the first time was last Sunday at Ivar’s, and I played about as badly this time. The trick with Tantrix is that you can play pieces that force other players, or yourself, to play specific tiles. In this way you can force pieces that you want to be in specific places into the game board, but it is also simple to get trapped yourself. I haven’t quite figured Tantrix out yet, but it is fun, and I think I am going to try acquiring a copy of it when the opportunity presents itself.

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